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The people behind Eurosail

The driving force behind Eurosail is Jossie Verkerk. Jossie has earned her stripes as an organizer of bike & barge vacations in and outside the Netherlands and has made many friends.
For years she was literally at the helm of the various vessels and sometimes she still is.
Since 1998 she also built three ships. These years of experience and commitment are reflected in every detail and guarantee that your vacation will be a pleasant one.
In Eurosail Jossie represents a number of companies, which together own the finest vessels in the fleet and are familiar faces in the world of bike & barge vacations, Fleur BV, Iris BV, Allure Active Leisure and Harrie.nl.
Reint Dragt is the owner and captain of the Fleur, a gem, tailor made for the French canals and locks.
Lenny Versteeg is the proud owner and hostess of the Iris. You definitely recognize her ‘female touch’ by the tasteful interior as well as her sharp eye for detail.
The Allure has since 2011 a new owner: Martien van de Velde. He operates the Allure with new élan.
The Fiep is run by its proud owner Harrie Wagt and has been renovated completely in 2014.

The crews of the barges, always friendly

It depends on the tour you choose which captain, cook or guide will be on your barge. But you can be sure that you will always meet skilled and enthusiastic people. The cooks will surprise you with special dishes, always made with fresh ingredients.
During your bike trips you will be accompanied by an experienced guide, who knows the region well, speaks the local language and who will show you the sights with a great deal of enthusiasm.
The captain will give you a warm welcome aboard and be more than happy to tell you about the charms of boating.

In short, the crews on the barges of Eurosail will do everything they can to exceed your expectations and make your vacation pleasant and a very memorable one.