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Full of atmosphere and comfortable

At Eurosail you can book vacations on different barges. Some are bit larger, others a bit smaller, some are quite luxurious, and others are more basic. However all the barges have one thing in common: they are all refitted commercial barges, practical and comfortable, with a friendly ambience. You will definitely feel at home on all three of them.

Ave Maria (34 beds), the Iris (24 beds), the Fiep (24 beds) and the Fleur (20 beds) are the most luxurious barges in our fleet. These barges fall in the so-called Comfort Plus class. All the double-occupancy cabins come with two separate beds, a bathroom and air-conditioning. The Fleur is custom-built for France. The barge has the right measurements to pass through French locks and canals. The Ave Maria sails in Italy.

Also in this Comfort Plus class belong the barges Estello (20 beds)  and Caprice (22 beds) that sail in Provence.

The Allure (20 beds), the Lena Maria (24 beds) and the Vita Pugna (21 beds) belong to our Comfort class. These barges also have double-occupancy cabins with separate beds and a bathroom, but no air-conditioning. The Vita Pugna sails in Italy.

The meals, of excellent quality on all our barges, are served in the lounge in one sitting. And the sun deck is the ideal place to drink a cup of coffee or an aperitif. How you decide to dress for dinner is entirely up to you. What is important to us is that you feel at home.