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Sailing ship Leafde fan Fryslân (24 passengers)

The LEAFDE FAN FRYSLÂN, an imposing, three-masted barquentine, has made its maiden voyage for Sail & Bike travel in 2018 and is managed by its owner-operators, Joris and Rinske de Wit. For many years, they have run the MARE FAN FRYSLÂN, a three-masted clipper. The interior of this luxury ship is called stylish and elegant. The ship has 12 well-appointed twin cabins with two separate beds, and one single cabin. In some cabins a third (bunk-)bed can be added. All of the cabins have an en-suite bathroom with shower, basin and toilet, and there is a porthole in all cabin that can be opened. The sumptuous meals are prepared in the restaurant and the ship’s full-service bar is fully stocked. The wheelhouse is equipped with a well-appointed seating area. From here and of course from the deck, you have the best views over the water. The LEAFDE FAN FRYSLÂN can comfortably carry 25 (maximum 30) guests and is 50 meters (approx. 165 ft.) long and seven meters (approx. 23 ft.) wide with a sail surface of 760 m² (approx. 2,500 sq.ft.).